Our History

Dolcital nougat history started between 1890 and 1900 when the 5 Sgambaro brothers were born.

During the First World War, one of the brothers was employed in the military kitchens, where he learned all cooking secrets and especially acquired knowledge about ice-cream making.


After the war, the Sgambaro brothers started their own ice-cream production.

In 1924 the company was set up and the Sgambaros decided to start producing high quality nougat to sell in local fairs and markets.



In 1970 the production was moved from the town centre to a new facility. This change marked the beginning of a new era for Dolcital nougat.

The wavy friable nougat TutteMandorle, which was afterwards proposed by many competitors, was introduce while the soft nougat, which was still unknown in Veneto, was discovered.


Nowadays Dolcital continues to offer high quality products worldwide following the traditional rules and selecting the best ingredients.

Out of its years-long experience in the business and in the nougat production, Dolcital launched a new unique product: the Cristalli.

Slices of already cut friable nougat are offered in serviceable bucket or elegant glass jar. Friable and soft at the same time Cristalli represent a new way to propose nougat.


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