All about Cristalli

Tradizione Cristallina

Cristalli, imperfectly unique.

Mountainous and white like the Dolomites. This is how Fiorenzo Sgambaro, the founder of the company, imagined Tuttemandorle nougat in the 1950s and this is how he made it. Each piece is unique and "imperfect" because it is handmade. The cutting process is done manually: to reach the right weight it is necessary to trim its sides. It was precisely during this process that Cristalli were born.

Crunchy and irresistible: the thin flakes resulting from the trimming of the nougat quickly conquered Dolcital employees that started to eat them during their breaks.

Their thin shape and the incredible crunchiness made them easy to eat. Each piece was different, imperfectly unique. Dolcital owners immediately recognized the potential of the product and decided to pack the flakes in elegant glass jars and to sell them in the company store.

Cristalli’s time.

The request of the product quickly increased: the flakes made from the cutting process were not enough. Fiorenzo decided to implement the production studying and designing a specific cutting technology, dedicating an entire processing line to this new product.

A new packaging was necessary as nougat needed to be protected from humidity and easy to eat everywhere. Soon an idea: a transparent plastic tub.

It was the first time a nougat was offered in slices.
It was the first time a nougat was sold in a plastic tub.
That first time was the right time. Cristalli’s time.