dolcezza cristallina

Crystalline Sweetness

Crystalline Sweetness

From the heart of tradition,
our innovation.

Crumbly heart and creamy covering.

A clever mix of gianduja and fondant that embraces the classic Dolcital almond.
All wrapped up in Pepite, the nougat in dragées format.

Vegan nougats
From today, Christmas is a little sweeter for everyone.

The soft nougat, typically made with honey and egg white, is rethought and revolutionised with a vegan recipe.
Innovative recipe, but traditional taste.



It was the first time a nougat was offered in slices.
It was the first time a nougat was sold in a plastic tub.
That first time was the right time. Cristalli’s time.

Granulated Hard Nougat

Same traditional recipe, different shape

Its crunchiness gives flavour and texture to each product and its taste perfectly matches with lots of recipes.

Granella di torrone Dolcital


Il tempo della storia:
97 anni in 3 generazioni

History time:

97 years and 3 generations

from 1924

The history of Dolcital nougat starts during the First World War, when the Sgambaros brothers joined the army.
During the war, one of them, employed in the military kitchens, learned different cooking techniques



Non è un
dolce e basta.

What you see, you taste

It's not just sweet. A mix of different ingredients creates the equilibrium. You see the almonds and you taste their bitterness, you see the hazelnuts and you feel their aroma, you see the fruits and you get the acidity that distinguishes them.



Transparence shows, trasparence tells

Dolcital decided to use transparent packaging so the costumers can se what they are buying. Nothing is hidden, not even the “imperfections”.