Transparence shows, trasparence tells.

Dolcital decided to use transparent packaging so the costumers can se what they are buying. Nothing is hidden, not even the “imperfections”.

A transparent story

"A product that can’t be seen,
it doesn’t exist".

Costumers can see the nougat, count the almonds present in the recipe, see the texture and note those unique details, typical of the artisan products. A “dress” that recalls Dolcital origins, when the nougat was sold “naked”, without any packaging, in the local fairs.


Gluten free, palm oil free, GMO free.
Important absences that guarantee a genuine product.
Only high-quality raw materials are selected: chocolate doesn’t contain hydrogenated fats, candied fruits are not artificially coloured and honey is not industrial. These are absences that add.

Shining through

Transparence is a warranty. Without filters you can see how the company is: serious, clean, genuine. Dolcital works under a crystalline light: not only during the production of the nougat, but in the relationships as well.

Dolcital is like a big family: the pastry chefs and the export manager, the employees and the owners, all together work to get the same results. Suppliers and customers are part of the family as well: the same values are shared and business relationships are based on trust and respect. Authenticity shines everywhere.